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green hair algae

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  1. P

    Looking for advice

    Hi I’m Pete. Live in Cornwall. I have a 120 ltr tank. Been keeping fish for quite a long time .I have a problem ,like I am sure other people might have. Green hair algae. I have had my new tank nearly 3 years. The first year was fine. Then I started getting the hair algae. It’s amazing. It grows...
  2. ellamay

    Green hair algae & cleaning tips

    Before I start, I realize I should've taken a 'before photo' of my algae situation, but I didn't think about posting here until I'd finished cleaning. So the photo attached is the after photo. So a couple of weeks ago I noticed green hair algae growing on a couple of my plants so today I...
  3. Flinkbag

    Green hair AND Blue Green algae in planted tank - please help!

    Hello all, I started this 30l long planted tank about 2 months ago. I have one male Betta and 3 Neons (yes i know you're supposed to have more, they will be moved soon) living in the tank. I left my tanks in the care of my mother over the weekend and unfortunately I think she left the lights on...
  4. GuppyGirl20

    Why Won't Tiger Snail Eat This?

    I've been trying to grow algae for my nerite tiger snail to eat. I finally got green algae so I put some in my tank earlier this afternoon. It doesn't look like he has touched it! :( I think it might be classified as hair algae since it floats a little and is attached to the rock. Do snails not...