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  1. S

    Why is my Tetra Glofish so huge compared to the others.

    My purple glofish is like unnaturally huge compared to the other tankmates. Is she eating too much? I don’t think she’s pregnant…
  2. J

    Is something wrong?

    One of my daughters glow fish has what appears to be a small raised bump on its bottom fin. It’s the same color as the fish. It seems to be eating normally and the last water change was almost a month ago. The other two fish do not have a bump. It’s kinda hard to tell since I can’t get a good...
  3. D

    Is my glow fish sick, fat, or pregnant?

    Hey everyone! I’m new to fish keeping. I had three danio glow fish. Unfortunately two of them died because the heater broke and they didn’t make it. This one has always been the biggest but I’ve noticed it’s gettingeven bigger. We named it hulk because he likes to eat a lot and survived. I’ve...
  4. Tegz

    Surprise globra danio hybrids

    Hi there just thought I'd share these little beauties with all you fishy folk. I had the pair of adults in quarentine and when I moved them to my community tank I noticed some fry in the other tank. Their colour and patterns are still developing but they look better everyday.
  5. FishFry420

    Nipping Glowfish

    Hi,I have 4 glowfish tetras along with sum guppies in my 20gal I'm not sure which of them is doing the nipping, but ome of my tetras tails has been nipped so extremely, down to nubs and im concerned :( The other tetras have little to none damage to their fins. What do I do!!!