glass surfing

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  1. N

    Honey gourami stressing out

    So i gotten a new honey gourami shipment yesterday, i acclimated it for about 20 minute, water parameters are 0ppm for ammonia and nitrite, 10 ppm for nitrate, ph about 6.8 to neutral . I tried turning off the light, it did work a little and he didnt glass surf that often, but when the lights...
  2. ella777

    Sore lip?

    A few months ago, my mums friend had to move and couldnt take her fish. She had 2 platies and 1 guppy. They were in a tiny tank with a small plastic plant. I decided to keep them and they were very happy in a larger tank. I only have my female platy left now. But I was wondering, her bottom lip...
  3. ella777

    Why is my rosy barb glass surfing?

    Hello! My male rosy barb (Jeff) has lived in a 70l tank for almost three years. I brought him home with two friends. They seemed happy together, but then they died (cant remember how). This was about one or two years ago and Jeff seemed happy by himself. (There were other fish in the tank just...
  4. Tl52505

    Pleco glass surfing

    During the day my pleco is usually at a spot on the glass behind a rock for most of the day but sometimes repositions. I know they are more active at night, but it it normal for him to be constantly moving all around the glass. I watched him for like 15 mins and he just goes up and down all over...
  5. G

    Molly Behavior and Feeding Issue

    For context, I have a 30 gal tank with Current Satellite LEDs, moderately planted with gravel bottom, mostly hornwart, water sprite, swords and java ferns, lots of driftwood, with 15 cardinals, 8 pygmy corys and 5 cherry shrimp. I have two female lyretail mollies and one black sailfin male...
  6. Inkweaver313

    Goldfish glass surfing

    I had three goldfish I believed to be all females in a 125 gallon tank. They got along great, everyone was happy for about two years. Then it turned out one of them was male and well... eggs everywhere. We couldn’t have that keep happening so we got a 75 gallon tank, set it up, cycled it, and a...