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  1. S

    Why is my KH pH and GH increasing?

    Hi all, Hoping for some help with regards to recent changes in my water parameters.... Some info about my set up starting with a photo to set the scene :) ......... I have an established freshwater 4 foot 90g tank which contains: 2 Red Robin Honey Gouramis - approx. 2" in size. 10 Neon...
  2. CPDtank96

    KH and GH - chemistry advice please 👩‍🔬

    SO there have been a couple threads on here that I’ve found really interesting about water chemistry (I thinks that’s how you would refer to it) such as KH, GH, ph and water sources. I feel I was originally misled by my LPS (classic) as he said “all my fish are in the same water as you have so...
  3. Meg0000

    Adjusting my aquarium

    Hi, tommorow I will do a test at my LFS to see if my GH is high because of my rocks, I have very soft water but my rocks made my PH go from a 6.8 to 7.8 so I am very nervous that my GH will be very high. If yes I will have to sell them to someone that has an african cichlid, rainbow fish...
  4. Lajos_Detari

    Can sand, gravel increase my water GH? Is GH 9 suitable for shrimps?

    Can sand, gravel increase my water GH? Recently, I realized that my tap water GH is 5 but my shrimps tank GH is 9. (using API test kits) I suspect that the sand and gravel or even the rocks could have increased my shrimps tank water GH to 9. Do you think GH 9 is suitable for Fire Red, Super...
  5. T

    Something is very wrong in my tank

    Ok. This gon be long. I tried to get good pictures, but fish b fish ukno I've had 5 (6, but one died already from whatever it is that's wrong) female guppies since january. I bought them online from a good seller. They came healthy (and preggo :D), totally fine these past few months. They were...
  6. B

    Has my API GH test kit gone wonky - no change from orange to green?

    I got an aquarium (2nd hand) in very good shape from a friend (nearly new; his kids lost interest) and with a multitude of API test kits. I've set up my tank with Seiryu stones and driftwood, volcanic Malang sand substrate (all cleaned properly, boiled the driftwood etc.), and added some live...
  7. SweetTart

    KH/GH range for bettas?

    I recently got a KH/GH kit to test my aquariums. My 10 gallon betta tank is currently at a KH/GH of 2dH / 35.8ppm, and the pH is 7. I'm having a difficult time finding info on what's the best range. Is this in an acceptable range? If not, how do I change it? Note: The tank is still cycling...
  8. Brendt

    Off the Chart GH & KH Reading

    hi all, my fish tank is currently in a Fishless cycle a 10 Gal and today i decided to test the GH and KH of my tap water as some people on here were saying for me to test the GH and KH to see what kind of fish are compatible with my tank. well either i did it wrong or my GH and KH are off the...
  9. M

    General Questions

    I have had fish for about 2 years and they usually all died after 6 months. I always got 5 livebearers at a time for a 20 gal tank. Whenever I clean it out, there is a bunch of poop and particles that rise from within the rocks, however my ammonia levels have remained at 0, as well as basically...
  10. B

    Guppies And Their Water: General Hardness And Alkalinity Question

    I contacted my local water provider and recieved some information about our local water supply that I use for my fish tank.   I attached a small section of what they sent me.   Would someone help me understand what these values mean and how they apply to general hardness/alkalinity requirements...
  11. O

    Water Help!

    I am being pulled in a million directions and no store seems to be helping, and i am spinning out of control! I just want answers!!!   My take normally:    20 gallons Ph: 6-6.2 kH: ? gH: ? Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrites: 0ppm Nitrates: 0ppm   The fish I have are:   3 Neon tetras (it was 4, that's what...
  12. S

    Water Parameters

    Hi,I have a question about my parameters, my tap water and tank water have a ph of 7.6 but my Gh is 125 ppm and my kh is 89.3 ppm. I thought a high ph goes in hand with a high gh but the gh is medium? Any help would be great,I am still cycling my tank at the minute so no fish to worry about as...