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  1. K

    Molly with discoloured patch on one side

    Hi all! I've used this forum before to search for answers, but I just registered now as I'm very worried about a whitish patch on the side of one of my new mollies. I added 2 new female mollies to keep the original male Molly company. I know everyone asks for parameters first, so here's the...
  2. Legend_of_carl

    White Fuzzy Patches on surface of tank water?!

    Hey everyone. I'm having an issue with my fish tank.. I recently noticed a white cloudy/fuzzy layer forming at the top of my tank water, on the surface and on the glass. It doesn't seem to be attached to any decor, mostly just the glass and water surface. I've actually been able to scoop it out...
  3. Vengified

    Otocinclus White ~2Otocin fuzzballs random spots

    Not quite sure what's going on with my oto. He is one of three, the only one of three, to show these "fuzzballs" on his back. I'm not sure if its columnaris, or something else? It doesnt seem to match what I can find of columnaris either. I noticed one spot, a few days ago and thought maybe an...
  4. P

    Guppies Dying

    I have a new tank. I never tested the tank, but I used a cycle booster and PH corrector then waited till the water clouded with bacteria bloom and went back to clear before adding fish. (I know I should have spent more time cycling, but my wife didn't want to wait more than a week)  I originally...
  5. T

    What Was That White Fuzzy Stuff?

    alright so i had a tank of goldfish a while back. I had a very special oranda named Kitty he got sick one day because he got swim bladder and while that happened i guess he was stressed because a million other things went wrong with him and his fins began to desinagrate i used melafix for a...