frog is sick

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  1. I

    HELP!! african dwarf frog dying(??)

    a little under a week ago while i was cleaning the sand with a gravel vac, his leg got stuck and i accidentally sucked him in. i panicked and got him out of the tube as quickly as i could but his skin was incredibly red and irritated. i’ve been keeping an eye on him the past week or so and while...
  2. avesb02

    Small-ish growth on my frog’s belly?

    I just bought a small albino African clawed frog about 2 days ago. It’s been very active and has a good appetite, but today I just noticed a small bump just on one side of its belly. This is my first time owning an aquatic frog so I’m an amateur, but should I be concerned about this? Thanks for...
  3. A

    HELP! African dwarf frogs

    Around 2 weeks ago I bought 3 new African dwarf frogs to live with my current frog (I’ve had him for 4 years) who seemingly all looked healthy and happy! All was well until 2 days ago, one of the new frogs suddenly died. I thought it was just because of stress or age, I found him dead floating...
  4. G

    Golden Tree Frog Is Sick? Help Please

    My golden tree frog is breathing wierd and his eyes are not alert. He is eating normaly, but tonight when he woke up, I realized that he was not moving as much and his breathing was shorter. Then i noticed his eyes were unfocused and not alert. Please help, I love my golden tree frog more than...