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  1. vikinglord13

    Vikinglord's Freshwater Biocube

    Hey all, I'll be posting videos from my channel here, and am happy to discuss my tank! -Andrew New tank video: 3-week update video: As always, thanks for watching and please like and subscribe to follow along :)
  2. L

    White Film?

    Alright, so I just did a 25% water change on my tank, which after refilling the tank levels, the water is higher than it was before. I noticed almost immediately there's this oily film forming on the surface. The fish don't seem to mind it, but I'm unsure what it could be or why it showed up...
  3. C

    10 Gallon Tank

    Hello Everyone, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. Like many other people I recieved a 10 gallon starter tank and kit for Christmas. I have looked around and I would like to thank you all for being such a great help with your immense insight into owning and caring for a fish tank, which is...