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  1. RRaquariums

    Diy Frag Plugs. My Experiment

    So I'm downgrading from my current 300 gallon reef tank to a 75 gallon frag tank. New job and less time made me choose to do soemthing a little smaller. But I've had a lot of fun growing and selling my corals and I'm looking forward to really focusing on getting the corals to grow fast and have...
  2. Robbo85

    Coral Frags In Suffolk

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows any shops/ private sellers around the Ipswich area that sells coral frags? I can only find shops that sell large corals that are too big for my nano.
  3. ChaseO

    What Is The Best Lighting For Growing Corals?

    Hay I was wondering what the best lighting is to grow all the different corals, anemones, and clams? I will be building a frag tank and a light for it and my tank is a 20gallon breeder so what wattage would be best and type and size? THANKS!!