fluval spec

  1. hetsu

    Need a Multi-use timer

    Hi!! I'm new to the forum and relatively new to the fish-keeping hobby (at least in doing a good job at it; I had some pretty pathetic tanks as a kid when I didn't know any better). Right now, I'm trying to find a timer that will do two timings at once, because I only want to buy two separate...
  2. L

    Need A New Small Tank? Fluval Edge, Spec Or Something Else?

    Hi all,   I need a new small tank 20-30l and love the look of the Fluval tanks?    The Edge 46l looks too awkward with the small opening at the top so I have been looking at the spec and the Edge 23l?   Anyone with any experience of these would be great or any viable alternatives?   Thanks
  3. RCA

    Betta Tank Upgrade: Fluval Spec 19 Litre

    Hi all,sorry not been around as much lately but do look in now and again.  As promised to Shelster some time ago here are the images of the "NEW" tank, as in brand spanking new, not something I do that often!  Still if you cannot treat yourself on your birthday    Following the loss of Bob, I...