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fluval roma 125

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  1. D

    Recommendation for Roma 125 / noisy filter

    Hi all. I have a Roma 125 fish tank that came with a fluval u3 filter, the clip is going so it does not stay upright and I don't think it is good enough for the tank. I brought a fluval 307, however have found it very noisy, loud hum that you can hear a cross the other side of the room over...
  2. sadguppy

    Fluval Roma 125 & U3 Filter, Kent

    In the new year I will be getting a new tank and will be letting m fluval roma 125 go. Thought I would pop this up here in advance to see if there is any interest before I put it on fleabay, it will be available after 1st weekend in Jan. Equipment make/model/size: Fluval Roma 125l fish tank (80...