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    How to move 60 gallon tank?

    Hey everyone! I’m new here and I’m not sure if this is the right location for this topic, but I am moving soon and need some pointers on how to go about moving my 60 gallon goldfish tank. It is a 60 gallon marineland heartland tank& stand with 3 goldfish, and I am running a fluval FX4 filter...
  2. A

    Fluval 4 Plus Internal Filter (Bromley\london Se9)

    Equipment: Fluval 4 plus internal filter. Comes with all the gubbins; media tray, foam media, charcoal media (charcoal is unused so still active), fine media (also unused), suction pads to hang in tank, venturi adaptor, instructions, box. Age and condition: About 10 years old. Very good...
  3. D

    First Tropical Fish Tank, Need Some Help And Advice

    Hello,   I'm hoping you can help me...   On Friday I won an auction on ebay for an 80 x 30cm fish tank with heater and a Fluval 4 filter (not sure what type of filter pad it has, as I can only find info on the Fluval 4 Plus).   It also came with a stand, light and 9 fish!   I gave it all a good...