1. F

    Help with stocking

    So I have had a little tank for around 2 years with 4 fish in and enjoyed it so much , so when we moved I bought a bigger tank 110l and got more fish but I think I may have over done it with the fish thou can u help and see if I have to meany now ?? So here is my list 12 nion tetra 3 danio...
  2. JackieP

    What tank heater should I buy?

    I’ve had my fish tank since August and I’ve been able to avoid getting a heater since I live in Florida. Now it’s going to start getting in the 50s and I really don’t want my water to get cold. I have a 5.5 gallon tank for my betta fish. What heater should I buy? I’m scared because a lot of...
  3. D


    Hey guys. I have a question, I gave a 10g with a dwarf gourami, few platies, 5 khuli loaches and a small school of glowlight tetras. It sounds like alot on paper but the tank actually looks pretty empty. Its heavily planted with lots of hiding places. I havnt had any fights or Deaths. The...
  4. S

    GH, KH, NO2, NO3

    Hello, I'm interested to know if these measurements are good for my fish tank. I might have tested a bit too soon so I will test tomorrow aswell and keep you all updated. Also please link any website below that show what the levels of the water should be! I will attach a picture of the...