fishless cycle with ammonia

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  1. tkoalas

    Struggling to read nitrite level (and is it too high for fishless?)

    I am currently cycling (fishless) a 5 gallon tank with a HOB filter (TopFin) and Fluval BioMedia (BioMAX). That's not super relevant, but it's good to know and share. I have been dosing with Stability and the nitrites just started to spike. What I am not used to is figuring out how concentrated...
  2. F

    Fishless cycling help

    Hello! I started my fishless cycling process about 2 weeks ago. I added the right amount of Dr Tims ammonia to my 8G tank. I’m also adding nitrifying bacteria every so often too. The ammonia reading is about 3.0ppm and my nitrite is around 2.0ppm . Does this mean the cycling is working? And if...
  3. Mollyforever

    Fishless cycling and low nitrite!

    Hello everyone! You can skip the first few paragraphs of my fish history since its too long but I need help with my fishless cycling!! I have a 10G tank that originally started with 5 mollies. After two months, three of them got sick and died one after another. The reasonthat I can think of...
  4. R84achey

    Confused by cycle

    Hi all So 3 days ago I started to cycle my tank. I added 3ml of ammonia and confirmed the amount by testing the water which measure 3.0mg/l. Here I am testing again and ammonia (nh3 & nh4) are now at 0mg/l, Nitrite is at 0.3mg/l & nitrate is at 25mg/l. I’ve read through the fishless cycle...
  5. J

    New tank cycling questions

    Hi There: I need light in this matter with my aquarium, I started a fishless cycle in my 36g tank in Oct. 30, I started with 4.0 PPM Ammonia using Dr. Tim, today I'm still at 4.0 ppm in Ammonia, here's what I have: 36g Tank, with chiller, air stones, 50g filter (aqueon), all the decoration I...
  6. N

    New 10 gal--seeking cycle advice!

    Hi there! Please read the entire post to get necessary info to help you answer my questions! Thank you! I currently have 2 cycled 5 gallons housing one Betta and 3 ghost shrimp each. I successfully did a fish-in cycle in both (luckily) but with my second Betta the nitrite level stressed him...
  7. MajorTom

    Copepods during cycling, 90% water change!???

    Hi, My fishless cycle is hopefully nearly done. I got zero ammonia and nitrites yesterday, RE-dosed, the ammonia went back to zero but not the nitrites. I'll keep RE-dosing and testing until i get there! The tank is planted and has developed a big (and really interesting!) population of...
  8. S

    Help! Fishless Cycle With Ammonia Problem!

    I set my tank up today and added some ammonia, little less than a capfull maybe and let it circulate for 30mins. When I did the test for ammonia it says 0ppm! I did THREE tests to be sure and still! This is the right ammonia, my friend used the same and the tank is a 29g