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fish tumour swelling

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  1. Flinkbag

    Bulging growth on head with fluid bubble and popeye?

    Hello all! I’m hoping you’re able to help my poor betta fish Flippy. I have a lot of experience keeping bettas, I know all about proper water quality and how prevention is key, but i’m struggling with getting on top of whatever is wrong with my betta. He is currently in a 16L hospital tank...
  2. R

    Help!! Senegal Bichir with bleeding tumour at her anus!!

    One of my senegal is sick from last few weeks. She had a tumour like formation near her anus since last year. She was doing well with it as far as i've seen. Her eathing habit was normal, always a spontaneous swimmer. From last few weeks the tumour has started swelling and bleeding. Most of the...