first time

  1. GlennStretton

    New Tank - First Timer

    Ok, so i've been thinking about getting a tank for a little while.  I finally bit the bullet today.  I'm starting to think my research didn't even scratch the surface, hopefully I've got the basics covered.    So here are my purchases for the day...                   Fluval Roma 125 Aquarium +...
  2. L

    Questions Before Getting My First Betta?

    Hi, everybody! I'm new here on this forum and to fishkeeping. I've been doing some research into betta fish and having been seriously considering getting one. I just want to be prepared and know some more before I go through with the process.   I have a 40 gallon tank (it measures 36L by 18W by...
  3. M

    First-time Tank Idea

    Hi all, Brand new to the forum. Just bought a ten gallon tank and wanted to pose my stocking idea and get some feedback. In your opinion/experience, should it work? Should I add/replace/remove anything? I understand of course that there are no black and white answers, and each individual fish...