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  1. ellamay

    Setting up a hospital tank for fin rot

    I think my betta may have fin rot as his fins are looking pretty ripped around the edges. Im doing regular water changes and using aquarium salt first. I know I can get medication if this doesn’t work, I was thinking of moving him to a smaller hospital tank if he doesn’t improve. Do I need to...
  2. A

    Betta Slime coat/receding fin

    Hi! I've had a betta fish for a few months now, and with every water change his fin recedes and has long tears along it. Initially I was told it was most likely fin rot, and I tried using bettafix and trisulfur tablets which helped a little, but would never cure his tail leaving it as bad as it...
  3. L

    Fin rot

    Hello 👋 This gonna be long so bear with me... I have a butterfly betta who has had fin rot (I believe that's what it is) for about a year. I feel like I have tried everything and I've spent over 500 dollars on meds trying different things as well as completely rebuilding his environment to...
  4. T

    Fin Rot?

    Hi, I’m new here but am in need of help. I have had a betta fish for a couple months now but I believe he may be suffering with fin rot. I’ve removed all ornaments so don’t believe he has ripped his fins. I have tried partial and full water changes. We have a closed filter system so I...
  5. A

    New halfmoom dumbo betas fin problem. Don’t know what it is.

    Housing: How many gallons is your tank? 5 gallon Does it have a filter? Yes tetra whisper Does it have a heater? Yes What temperature is your tank?78-80 Does your tank have an air stone or other type of aeration? No Does your Betta have tank mates? What kind? 2 black racer nitrite snails Food...
  6. E

    Fin Rot or Just damage?

    so about a month ago I got this lovely betta, I've had a few in the past and never had any issues like this but his tail is not looking as great as when I got him. He's currently in a 10 gallon Fluval Flex, which is really well established- about 4 years old now. It is planted and I have...
  7. C

    Are my betta's fins okay?

    Hi, I've had my betta since 3 years ago when I rescued him from poor living conditions in a neighbor's house. His fins have always been droopy, but I've recently noticed they're a little stringy/ torn looking. I don't know much about fish keeping but I try to make sure I get the basic stuff for...
  8. M

    Need help with my Betta!

    My brothers office closed due to covid and I ended up with these beautiful Betta fish on my hands. the first thing I did was move them to a bigger environment , I admit I am still working on it but this red guy is either a really picky eater or I worry that he has fin rot (from what I read). I’m...
  9. sidonkorok

    possible fin rot??

    hi! recently i’ve noticed my twin tail half moon betta’s (his name is sidon!) fins look a bit more rugged than usual? i want to prevent any fin rot so i would like to know what the best products are to prevent this i’d appreciate any help! :thanks:
  10. N

    Help with betta (fin damage, possible fin rot)

    Hello! I’m writing because I’m really concerned about my betta fish Barry. His fins have been looking off lately but today they look wayyy worse. This AM there were two new holes and rips In his fins and I’m pretty sure now, this afternoon, the holes have ripped and created more tears. I’ve...
  11. M

    Betta tail has changed? is it hurt?

    Hi everyone, so I have had my Betta fish for approximately 5-6 weeks now and I have noticed a change in tail shape. When I first got him he as a square shape notch in his back tail and it was very smooth and I think just part of his build. However I have since noticed it has changed to a long...