figure 8 puffer

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  1. Circus

    Figure 8 Puffer Eating Flakes?

    So, I didn't get a chance to snap a pic, but my brackish tank has a pair of figure 8 puffers and some assorted young livebearers. The puffers get snails or frozen food every other day. I put flake in every other day for the other fish on opposite days. I saw one of my puffers slurping up the...
  2. P

    Figure 8 Puffer Rounded Belly

    Hi fish experts! I have a concern on my Figure 8 puffer. Been having them for more than a year now in my brakish water setup tank. I have two of em, both seems cheerful and active. On normal occasion their belly will be obvious round-ish shape after their meal and on the next day their belly...
  3. Circus

    Almost Full Grown Figure 8 Puffer

    So, I am setting up a 20 gallon tank for a figure 8 puffer, and I know they need increasingly brackish water as they get older. The puffer will be an adoptee from Petco, someone surrendered about a half dozen to the store. Right now they are all together in about a 10 gallon tank (showing...
  4. B

    Sick figure 8 puffers ???

    Ive had 2 figure eight puffers for 2 months now. We did a full clean up and water change a week ago due to an algae build up. we didnt change their filters to save the good bacteria in it. their water has stayed pretty clear ever since but they have been acting strange. They sit at the bottom...
  5. M

    Figure 8 Developed Lump on the Side of Jaw

    Hi, My four year old figure 8 puffer has developed a lump on the side of his jaw. He shares the tank with another F8 in a brackish tank - bought together. Nothing else has ever lived in the tank. The lump is now getting bigger although he remains alert and eating well. I have tried dosing...
  6. E

    New to tropical!! Advice???

    hey!! I am new to this forum! So I am soon to be buying a 100L tank and will be going freshwater tropical. I have never had tropical before, but I hope to make it look as cool as possible, only problem is that I'm not sure what fish are best suited for each other etc. :fish: I've recently...
  7. simonero

    Alright.. What Else Can I Put In This Tank? F8 + Bumblebee Goby

    My flounder has been missing for a very long time and I have a very strong feeling he was slowly poisoned by nitrite during cycling.  =(  If possible, I'd like to put something else in my tank to "replace" him.   I currently have a 10gal in the very early stages of brackish transition.  It's...