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  1. Nebula

    My fighter looks ill and weak need urgent help!!!

    Hi, the last week or so I've realized my fighter has been getting weaker and weaker until the last few days where he's been laying on the gravel, today I have notice that there is odd colouring on his gills and think it may be a disease or parasites but can't tell what it is, I have attached...
  2. nortonmad213

    My New Girls

    Hi guys. Just thought I'd share with you my two new girls. Not sure what tails they are so if you would like to help that would be great
  3. T

    Can You Give Them A Home? Cheshire

    Hello, i have joined up in the hope that i can find someone who would be interested in offering a home to my purple/blue fighter, rosy barb, 2 neon tetras, and 2 cory cat fish. I also have a large number of Ramshorn snails.   All of the fish are a year or two old, i only have a few as i down...
  4. D34DLY

    West Midlands - Selling X1 Male Betta Fish

    Hi my fellow FishForum.net friends   Livestock: Siamese Fighter Fish MALE / Betta Fish MALE Quantity for sale: 1 Reason for Sale: Upgrade to a 222 litre tank. Delivery or Collection: Collection ONLY. Sales price: FREE TO A GOOD HOME Postage & Packaging: FREE Collection Location: United...
  5. LaurenRhiain

    Siamese Fighter Vs Krib Cichlid! Help!

    I recently purchased a male kribensis cichlid and today I noticed he was pecking at my Siamese Fighter's fins! The person at the shop said that the two would be fine in the same tank although this is clearly not right. Since I only have the one tank I was wondering what I should do.. Would my...