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  1. SAChichlidLover

    Picked up a festivum the other day!

    Hey everyone, just thought I’d show you my new male festivum that I got, Originally I didn’t want to get a single fish of this species as they thrive best in groups but he was pretty beaten up by the larger festive cichlids in the store so I thought I’d take him on and hopefully grow him out to...
  2. SAChichlidLover

    Festive cichlid opinions?

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to ask some questions about festive cichlids (festivum) as I was looking to include one into either my current cichlid setup or my concept cichlid setup. What sort of parameters do they require? What is the max size? How aggressive? (for a cichlid) and has anyone had...
  3. FreshwaterAfishianado

    55 Gal. Sa Black(Ish) Water Tank (Pics)

    So I'm starting this journal a little late, the tank has been running a little while now but it has been slow going so I figured I would share what I've done so far.   The original plan was to do a biotope centered around the Lake Valencia Basin in Venezuela, which is the only lake in which wild...
  4. FreshwaterAfishianado

    Festivum Id (Pics)

    Here are my festivums Bonnie and Clyde, can anyone tell me which species they are?