female platy

  1. C

    Pregnant Platy

    I’ve recently purchased another female for my platy tank, and she’s very pregnant and the Gravid spot is extremely dark, any guess on when she will have them ?
  2. A

    New female platy does not eat and stays at bottom of tank

    Hello! I have a female platy that I just bought 3 days ago. Everytime i look at her she is staying at the bottom of the tank swimming just enough so it is stationary. It does not eat even if i drop food in front of her. It is in a 25 litre tank with a male platy and 2 other bigger fish from a...
  3. Reannone96

    Pregnant Platy White And Clear Poop That's Sorta Stringy?

    Okay so I have been watching my platy closely today and she seems to be hiding a lot, she has a white tube under her anal fin and her graved spot seems to be closer to it. I noticed some white and clear poo that's stringy? What does this mean? Will she drop soon ? None of the other fish have...