female gourami

  1. outofwater

    Lone dwarf gourami tank upgrade

    A couple of days ago I picked up 2 tanks: 15 and 30g. Working on the 15g to move Mr blurami from his current digs (10g) Both tanks came with lights, one filter, and covers. So far I've cleaned and scrubbed the small tank and the filter. Upgraded the light to LED (hood had old incandescent...
  2. Tippersloth

    What is this behaviour? Honey dwarf gourami

    They do this every so often since I got them, they go side by side and then start shaking and circling round another, Both females and have had for about a year now. I can’t find anything online about this behaviour, anyone got any ideas? I do have a video but can’t seem to find the right area...
  3. twintanks

    Dwarf Gourami---Is This A Female?

    I recently purchased two blue dwarf gouramis as a pair, for my new tank. The male is definitely a male, with bold red stripes....but the picture here is supposed to be the female. From the pictures I've seen on the Net, the female should be blue-silver and presumably not have any red markings...
  4. T

    Pregnant Female

    I guys is there anyway I can tell if my female is pregnant as my male has started to make pool in the sand and she has a now got a white patch just under her mouth which has got bigger the last couple of days thanks rob