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  1. Woody781

    Females betta attacking

    I got two blue female betta first then a couple weeks later I got two red ones. I’ve noticed lately that one of the red ones is chasing one of the blue ones. This particular red betta I have noticed on several occasions chases the same blue betta. Today I went to look at my fish tank and...
  2. nikkifro8994

    New Sorority! :d

    I just set up my new betta sorority! :D :D :D I have a 10 gallon that's had tetras in it for about a year. I moved the tetras into my other 10 gallon with the 3 livebearers.. Then I added 5 female bettas to the tank. I have 4 crowntails and 1 regular. Right now, 2 are trying to establish which...