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  1. Jan Cavalieri

    Bladder Disease - Is it time to Euthanize? But I don't want to!

    My powder blue dwarf gourami has had this for 4-5 weeks now. First and second time it was a distinct tilt and inability to swim straight, this time it's hanging vertically, with the head at the top. I can snap her out of it for a few minutes by repositioning her. She cab even straighten...
  2. RCA

    Female Fighter Peculiar Behaviour: Any Ideas Please?

    Tank size: Was in 215 Litres, moved to Quarantine 12 Litres yesterday.  Generally same readings on both aquariums. pH: 8.2 ammonia: 0 nitrite: 0 nitrate: 20-40ppm (I find my test not brilliant at this, when I take a sample to the LFS it is usually 0) *kH: 100mg/L *gH: Between 125-250 mg/L tank...