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  1. JackieP

    Nevermind lol

  2. JackieP

    Does my betta have dropsy??

    So I’ve posted a thread about this a week ago. I thought it was bloating or constipation and I fasted her for three days and started feeding her less and it just seems like it’s gotten worse. She used to swim around so much and now she just kinda floats near the top. I’m scared it’s dropsy but...
  3. B


    my fish is still recovering from fin rot but i noticed his belly is a bit bigger than usual and he’s not energetic. i read if you diagnose it wrong, it’ll kill the fish. i’m new to this fish thing so i don’t know if it is or isn’t dropsy. here are pictures. pls help
  4. T

    my juvenile angelfish have been the same size for the last few month, i don’t know either he healthy or not

    i needed help with my baby angelfish, he has been the first fish to colonize the tank for three months ago but still haven’t grow much yet the tank size is 30 gallons (1 angelfish)is kept with (6 glo fish each around 2 inches) heater and filter are included/ temp is 78 Fahrenheit and 25 degree...
  5. K


    I just got done witha water change and wanted to check on Ender, then I see his scales are poking a bit out! Is this why he can't swim without sinking?! You have to look closely at the middle of his body
  6. J

    HELP! Betta has dropsy!

    Hi, my beta fish has been looking strange for about a week, and I just did some Google searching and realized she has dropsy. She has the whole pinecone effect going on and is overweight looking and losing color. I need to know what to do to keep her from dying. Please help!