driftwood algae

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  1. Tez_20

    Question on driftwood & what causes the wine colour?

    My hubby purchased himself and me a tank as he loves fish. He went and brought a 28 litre for himself, added smooth gravel and brought driftwood and some fake plants...well the cycle started ok and brought Tetra quick start and after the bloom, it started going red and :eek: you couldn't see...
  2. newmag1659

    Driftwood Fungus is taking over my tank!

    Hi! I have a piece of driftwood that grew driftwood fungus almost immediately about 6 weeks ago. I looked around online and was told to leave it be and it'll go away. Well, it hasn't gone away and has now appeared to spread to my plants. I also have a very thick biofilm that my 3 gardneri...
  3. N

    Betta tail rot--proper treatment??

    Hi there! I'm new to this forum as well as being a new fishy caregiver!! I recently got a male veiltail about a month back named nugget. He is in a 5gallon planted tank with standard gravel, driftwood, 3 ghost shrimps, and some moss balls (will post pictures). About 2 weeks after I got him I...