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  1. BamBeckham

    Tell Me The Name Of This Violet Goby

    I'm new with this DragonFish(Violet Goby) things.   Can anyone tell me what is the specific name of my DragonFish Goby here? Looks like it is quite different with the others when I search in the internet. Most of them have terror & fierce faces.     I bought it last week & put her into my 25L...
  2. BamBeckham

    Hi, I'm Newbie Here...

      Hi guys,   I'm Bam from Malaysia. I just newbie here & also just began playing with Dragonfish (Violet Goby). I have 1 DragonFish just bought it last Saturday. I'm not sure what gender it is but I like call it "she". ;-)   I put her in my small tank (5liter) together with my Black Ghost Fish...