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    Filter media cleaning

    Hi. I'm new to the forum and would like some advice on whether it's safe to clean Juwel filter media or whether I should always buy new as per the Juwel instructions. I currently change the white filter wadding weekly and the carbon sponge monthly and I'm wondering if I can get away with...
  2. E

    New to tropical!! Advice???

    hey!! I am new to this forum! So I am soon to be buying a 100L tank and will be going freshwater tropical. I have never had tropical before, but I hope to make it look as cool as possible, only problem is that I'm not sure what fish are best suited for each other etc. :fish: I've recently...
  3. M

    Discus Fish Problem.

    Hi there, Can anyone help me. My discus fish is sick. I have a 20 US gallon tank. In which I have 2-3 inch sand layer at bottom. Having few plants 1. Ludwigia Ovalis - 5 stems 2. Red Cabomba - 10 stems 3. Rosefolia - 3 stems 4. Bacaopa Cariliona - 15 stems 5. Java Fern - 1 plant 6. Amazon Sword...