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  1. V

    Names that mean the same

  2. Linkandnavi

    API Aqua Essential and Nitrate Reduction

    Does anyone have any experience of the relatively new API Aqua Essential, in particular its claims of reducing nitrate? It seems to be their answer to Seachem Prime, as an all in one dechlorinator and ammonia/nitrite "detoxifier" but with the added claim of actually "removing" nitrates. My tap...
  3. twintanks

    Bottle Sizes: Dechlorinators, Etc

    Now that I am (or will be) regularly maintaining two instead of one tank, I'm becoming conscious of the small bottle-sizes of dechlorinator and general water-tonic solutions on the market.  For years I've used Tapsafe for the dechlorinator and also an Interpet General Tonic for background...
  4. simonero

    Partial Water Change Question

    I need to do partial water changes in my 10gal tank to cycle it with my fish.   The dechlorinator I have does not have explicit instructions, because I got it from a friend who works with it in bulk and in painfully non-descript.  It's just a container of dechlorinator + what sounds like what...