1. David J

    Bolivian Ram Staying A Top Of Tank

    Hi See my signature for tank details. My oldest ram, the female, hasn't been well since yesterday. I first notices last night that she was very dark and hiding about half way up the tank at the glass to the rear left corner. She was also pointing her body upwards so her head was pointing up...
  2. D

    One Dark Guppy Fry

    Hi. My guppy have birth to 52 fry yesterday. (How exhausting!) all of the dry but one seem healthy and active. The one fry is darker in color, weaker, and spends a lot of time sitting at the bottom. Does anyone know why?
  3. R

    Is My Mollie Pregnant?

    Is my mollie pregnant??? It is dark under neath but i got it from the pet shop afew days ago... i have a breeding box and i have put into there just incase, i have researched it and it seems like it is, can anyone help???