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    Platt has half a pectoral and damaged dorsal fin

    Strange one. Maybe. Last night I noticed my platy had half a pectoral fin and a slightly damaged dorsal fin. Last night he was hiding in a cave and today the pectoral fin has white around it but nothing on the dorsal fin. He is swimming ok and eating ok and is out of the cave. The only thing I...
  2. K

    Cichlid Not Swimming Properly

    Hi I recently added a pair of Keyhole cichlids in my 180L tank with Angel, Gourami & blue rams. And just after 2 days, yesterday I noticed one of the cichlid isn't swimming properly, infact having difficulty in swimming. Rest of the fishes seem fine, I test water every week and do regular water...

    He Just Won't Heal

    So I've had my betta since I got my tank about 8 months ago. I did get a couple of dwarf gourami maybe 3 months ago, and they started nipping at him so they had to go back to the shop :( After that they started healing up quite well, and I thought we were all going to live happily ever after...