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  1. gilltyascharged

    Stocking Poll, Round #2: I've Narrowed Down the Nanos.

    Due to a few technical difficulties (read: me being unable to figure out how to change settings on a poll), I decided to revamp and roll out a new and updated version of my original "Needing Help Deciding on What to Put in 6.6g/25L Tank!" poll. Tank Information- Dimensions are 16"/41cm x...
  2. gilltyascharged

    Needing Help Deciding on What to Put in 6.6g/25l Tank! (see post #27 for NEW information on poll)

    Hello! After about a month of using it as a plant holding tank, I've decided that it's time to do something with my somewhat unstocked (see note below) 6.6g/25l tank. Previously I have had B. splendens, an Endler or two, and ADFs in this tank, and want to branch out a tad bit. While I don't...