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  1. GuppyGirl20

    How To Lower Current In Tank?

    So I am planning on taking a bit of pantyhose to put over the intake tube to prevent the fins if betta getting stuck when it gets older. Will that slow the current in the tank? I want to slow it just a tad because at the top of the tank it's a little rough. I've heard about the sponges you can...
  2. WhiskeyHands

    Reducing Water Current In Your Tank

    Hey guys, short video tutorial you can use to make a filter baffle.   My video. I read about it and decided it would be a great idea for other people to learn about it too!
  3. A

    Looking For Fish Ideas For Small Tank

    Hi everyone. I am actually looking to replace the fish that I used to have in a small tank. (and I mean small)   There is a small 1.5g in my kitchen (my fiance's tank). It has no heater, but does get warmth from the window that it's under (not in front of, the window is above it). We had been...
  4. A

    Get In The Flow!

    Hello all.   I recently got into a discussion with some one on here that has really got me thinking about water movement and filter/powerhead, direction, speed, angles, diverting flow etc. I know every set up will require different flow rates and head angles to suit the species and tank size but...