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  1. fishperson100

    Smaller Crickets for Leopard Gecko?

    Hi all! I am interested in keeping leopard geckos, so I'm researching them before I do any buying : ) I was wondering, since they eat crickets, and that is probably what I'd feed them, can you feed adult leopard geckos smaller crickets than they are supposed to eat? (And then just feed them...
  2. fishperson100

    Bearded Dragon and Rankin's Dragon?

    Hello all! So, I just had a few questions about keeping a bearded dragon or a Rankin's Dragon (well, a lot actually:)) So I will try to make this as short as possible. 1. How big of a tank do bearded dragon's need? - I've heard it should be at least 36x18x12 in. or 4x2x2x ft. I do not have...
  3. TallTree01

    Can I Feed Crickets To Fish?

    I've got loads of crickets to feed my frogs and I want to try to give my neon tetras some variety. The crickets are about 1/2 cm long and the neon tetras are about 3-4 cm. can I feed my neon tetras crickets or would this be a bad idea?