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  1. JohnathanSt

    My Betta has gone mental!

    Hi All. Hopefully you can help me.I have a small fish tank homing my betta fish and some neon tetra. For over a month now they have all co existed and were best of friends. For some reason my Betta, over the last few days, has decided to go full on psycho. He wont stop chasing the tetra around...
  2. ray311

    Mr. Butis Butis

    Hello TFF, I have a bit of an issue with a fish (butis butis) that i acquired 36hrs ago or so. The lfs said it would eat the flakes and pellets they would feed the fish they housed with him danios and corry cats. But Im pretty sure i saw a fin tail on his mouth. So i have not seen him even be...