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  1. Falconwithaboxon


    So I am setting up a new tank and I was just wondering if rocks are able to touch the sides of the tank or if that might cause issues down the line.
  2. J

    Unsafe Stand?

    Hi all! Purchased a used stand on craigslist. Know very little about its history (even less about carpentry) and I'm wondering if it's safe to carry a glass 55 gallon tank. The stand seems to be an odd mixture of over- and under-engineering. I'll put pictures in the first reply. I'm...
  3. cowgirluntamed

    Question On Used Heaters, And Possible Crack In 55 Gallon Tank

    So I went and bought a used 55 gallon tank with accessories for $120 off of Craigslist. The guy said it never leaked or anything and it didn't have any cracks. was basically a take out of his car and put it in my car thing and I only really looked at it after I got it home. There is a...
  4. FreshwaterAfishianado

    Cracked Aquarium :(

    So I just bought a second-hand 55 gallon aquarium with a stand and the guy I bought them from threw in a 30 gallon he wasn't using for free. The 55 looks fine, crossbar and silicone all intact. The 30 gallon however has a small chip in one of the glass faces, it appears to be about 1/16" deep...