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  1. Cameronb_01

    Concerned about Discus Health

    Hi, About three months ago one of my discus accumulated so many little black spots that he effectively half turned black. Apart from the visual deformation there were no changes to his appetite or behaviour around the tank, consequently I put the change down to a very severe and sudden case of...
  2. Mortiferous

    What colour category is watson?!

  3. twintanks

    Can Cherry Shrimp Lose Their Colour?

    When I first set my tank up last November, I included four cherry shrimp. They were then very tiny, but all of them were pinky-red. Since then, they have spent a fair bit of time in the Fluval-filter bracket, although they do come out on occasions. Just recently I spotted one of them pedalling...
  4. H

    Angel Changing Colour Instantly

    So just a random question really to see if anyone can tell me the answer. I've noticed when looking at one of my Angels it can turn on and off its black stripes in an instant: is this some sort of camouflage adaptation? I know they often are pale for a while if stressed but this is different...
  5. K

    4 Week Old Baby Platys

    Hi, I have 4 week old baby platys and was wondering when they should start colouring up? They are growing but slowly. I've just bought a banana worm culture and I'm hoping these help them bulk up a bit. Thanks in advance.
  6. D

    My Gourami Changed Colour?

    I have two female blue gouramis in my tank and I recently introduced a yellow male, since doing this the smaller blue gourami has changed colour and become a lot darker than before. Can anyone tell me why this would be?