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  1. C

    ATO and filtering city water.

    My humidity is low and the water level drops in a week or two. Is there a fairly simple ATO and prefilter to use house water supply to top off a 55 planted tetra tank.
  2. Jan Cavalieri

    My discussion with my City's Water Manager

    As some of you may have read my excessively long posts, I have had a terrible problem with ammonia with one tank reaching 8 ppm. Of course I neutralized it with prime and amguard - but ALL three of my tanks seem to have lost their cycling. Most likely due to the addition of too many fish at...
  3. Jan Cavalieri

    UPDATE: Serious Ammonia Problems cont.,

    I re-read over 4 pages of posts on my last thread and thought I would try to update everybody so they can see where I stand now (It's not all good) MY PLAN THIS WEEK: Fill 7, 5 gallon buckets with water today with the evil Python, allow them to air out before doing a 100% teardown and refill of...