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cichlid community compatibile

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  1. Guyb93

    Adding new fish , maybe ?

    Hi all I currently stock 4 electric blue acara 2 convicts and a leopard Sailfin pleco in a 70g 4ft tank all juveniles baring the pleco which I adopted which is 10-12 inch long as I think maybe have been slightly stunted by the previous owner , anyway I have a 120g 5ft tank coming next week and...
  2. EricTheEngstrom

    Cichlids Fish Compatibility With Community

    Are there any community fish that will do well in tank? I'm asking because I have a 55 gallon tank with community fish most at least 2.5 inches. Does size matter? Really any cichlids. I know I should avoid the Oscar, had one with a buddy in his tank and that thing ate everything. I have a 3...