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  1. D

    Whats coming out of my keyhole?

    I noticed my keyholes forehead area color was changing so I did water change but figured it was due to stress since my beta died and they've been together for years (beta was old no signs of sickness) but then today I noticed this. What is it and how do I treat it?🥺
  2. Stefan3289

    Is my tank getting ich

    Hello all, I just was starting my weekly water change on my 75 South American cichlid tank and I noticed one of my rainbow fish has a white bump on her side. My severum has had a white bump on his fin for a few weeks but he is fine I am not sure what that is as he shows no other symptoms. I...
  3. BerryAttack

    Jack Dempsey And Angelfish?

    Just want some people's point of view on the subject. I have a pair of angel fish and the male is going to pass away any day now, swim bladder issues. I've had a pair of angelfish before and i noticed that if one dies the other one will. right now i'm leaving the tank dark, and has a towel to...