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  1. Linkandnavi

    Panda Corydoras and a Carpeted Substrate

    Morning all, I was wondering if anyone had any experience of keeping panda corydoras with a carpeted substrate (dwarf hairgrass)? In particular, whether they are likely to uproot the carpet? Thanks
  2. RedSarah

    Nano tank stand sitting on tack strip?

    Hey all, I have a couple of questions for you about stand placement! I've got a 7-gallon rimless cube on a 32" tall heavy duty wire rack (the tank sits directly on a 1" thick slab of hardwood). I live in a fully carpeted fourth-floor apartment. Today, I pulled a corner of the carpet back to...
  3. starlitsunrise

    Marimo Carpet, Do You See Any Problems?

    Hey everyone,  I have a 5 gallon tank (Tetra Complete LED Aquarium 5) that I am currently cycling with Dr. Tim's One and Only. I have a small LED light that came with the aquarium kit (I'm not sure about the strength of the light), a 50 watt heater, that heats the tank to about 80F, an air stone...
  4. three-fingers

    Hemianthus Umbrosum - Easy Carpet Plant £5 Posted Or Swap Offers

    This is a lovely fast growing plant that can be used as a carpet or pruned into a bush.  I currently have it growing well in both my high-light tank with DIY CO2 as well as my low-light coldwater tank, seems to be very versatile!   Plants: Hemianthus umbrosum Quantity: A large portion, 3x+ what...