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  1. Brendt

    PROBLEMS!! Please help!!

    Hi Guys relatively new to all of this posting in forums and fish tanks. FOREWARNING IM SO SORRY FOR THE LONG READ but here it goes So if I’m not posting this right please let me know where I can and how to post it elsewhere. Now I’ve dabbled in fish tanks before growing up but by no means would...
  2. L

    Platy Swimming Straight Down After Levamisole

    My new (as of 3 weeks ago) guppy started getting emaciated and swimming funny. Too late, I figured out it was the camallanus worm (unmistakable- he had the red spider-like worms peeking out of his anal vent). I did a lot of thorough online research and ordered Levamisole from Subquaria to treat...
  3. A

    Camallanus-Harka-Verm Dosage?

    I have a case of camallanus worms in my 120L tank.   I have 10 cardinal tetras, 4 corydoras trilineatus, and 1 apistogramma cacatuoides male (I had a female of them but she died, she had worms too and was stressed out by the male constant attention).   I have treated the tank with Sera Med...
  4. L

    Male Guppy With Fin Rot And Camallanus Worms Possibly!?!

    Hi, I'm really worried. My guppy that I've had for about 4 months in a 10 gallon with 4 other male guppies and nothing else is acting strange. I moved two guppies that had been in their own 5 gallon tank for 2 months over to my 10 gallon about 2-3 weeks ago. My guppy had a rocky relationship...