1. FoxChase

    Nerite Snails - Feeding & Calcium Requirements?

    I bought 7 lovely Nerite snails 2 wks ago. I was truly amazed at how fast and how much these guys eat! They had cleaned all the algae off the glass overnight and haven't slowed down. I'm concerned I bought too many. So I purchased snail food and they seem to like it, all except one of the four...
  2. psicadet

    Very hard water - How to soften?

    Hi everyone, I've been in the hobby for about 9 months now and currently have 3 tropical tanks. (I'm not sure if I'm in the right area of the forum.) I live in a place with very hard water (~20DKH, 8.5PH) and though the fish and shrimp are fine, my trouble is that I get some unappealing, thick...
  3. newmag1659

    Mystery Snail Losing Shell?

    I have 4 mystery snails in a 5 gallon vertical with my betta, Cheesecake. Temp is about 78 degrees F, parameters are 0/0/15. pH is around 6.4. Soft water around 50 ppm.Betta is fed daily, but the tank is fully planted so I only feed the snails every 2-3 days. They get homemade snello, which has...
  4. M

    Do Nerite Snails need to eat calcium or just have it in the water?

    So, I'm relatively new to snails. My boyfriend always wanted me to get one, but I wasn't really interested (too worried about crazy snail reproduction after hearing some horror stories from friends). But I found a beautiful little tiger nerite at the fish store and I fell in love. After a quick...
  5. A

    Is There Something Such As Too Much Calcium Or Too Much Cuttlebone?

    I need to buffer my aquarium calcium so I'm going to use a cuttlebone and I don't know if there's anything bad with too much calcium. I'm using about a sixth of a cuttlebone on a nano 3.5g tank for a betta, 3 shrimp, and 2 nerites. My current ph is 6.6 and I'm also going to use some crushed...