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  1. agusf

    Safe / trustworthy stores in south Florida

    Just moved down to Soflo, and wanting to setup a nice tank. Before I put anything at all there, I am weary of any of the tanks at stores here - I had a chit chat w/ a store manager who was also the fish department expert and was cleaning the tanks when I was there, and he confessed that his...
  2. Jan Cavalieri

    Seasonal Availability

    Should I assume that fish have seasonal availability like plants or produce? I say that because I want to restock 2 tanks (one was one where the high PH killed half the fish - the other is one where a number of the fish have passed on due to age, bladder organ issues or fights (what is...
  3. J

    Looking to buy FEMALE DWARF GOURAMI

    Hello everyone! I'm fairy new here and set up my tank recently. I've got a good filter, tank temp, tank and water parameters and I have one powder blue dwarf gourami. I'm looking to buy a red flame female gourami or really any female dwarf gourami for that matter. I've checked the usual places...
  4. G

    Fish Selections

    Hi everyone,   I have a 25 gallon tank occupied by a Black Moor and a Fancy Goldfish.  I do frequent water changes and use Prime to dechlorinate my tank.  Lately, I've been thinking about purchasing a new goldfish.  I'm thinking about adding a Red Ryukin goldfish to my tank.  They need the same...