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  1. fishiefreak

    Weird leafy bug? on Fancy Goldfish tail - what is it?

    Hey there, today I pulled this odd looking character off my niece's fancy goldfish... it's super thin and leafy looking with legs/arms - anyone know what it is? Video Tina
  2. A

    Help Identify this bug in my tank

    My tropical tank was setup about 2 months ago. Nothing has been added in last 4 weeks. It is planted tank with 3 cherry shrimps and some babies (YAY!!). 3 bumble bee snails. 4 endlers and 2 mollies. Today spotted this white insect. What is it? is it dangerous to my tank family?
  3. emilnajeeb

    Fish Tank Bug

    I found this bug in my tank, is it harmful what is it exactly    https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=24657CA7048734C3!116&authkey=!AChylEYhbCSZSWs