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  1. bettafishlover86

    Is this a bubble nest?

    Is this a bubble nest? Photo taken from top of tank
  2. Meg0000

    First pearl gourami bubble nest?

    I just noticed this (picture below) at the surface of my aquarium, could this be the first attempt of my pearl gourami at doing a bubble nest?
  3. J

    Upcoming bubble nest? (Pictures)

    Hi all. I'am keeping a male betta fish in a 20 litre tank. In the past couple of days i have had a sudden abundance of small bubble in his tank. They are sparsely spread out along the surface and are not like the ones you would regularly see on google. I have read that some nests can be spread...
  4. C

    Male or Female Betta?

    A few months ago my girlfriend and I purchased a female Betta for our fish tank. Over the last couple of days she/he has been making what looks like a bubble nest? I have attached some pictures, can anyone confirm the gender of our Betta fish please?
  5. L

    Males won't make bubble nests!

    We've decided to try and breed 1 of our 2 male Bettas, but neither one of them will make a bubble nest. We've been trying for 2 weeks now. Am I doing something wrong?
  6. B

    Male Betta & His Bubble Nest Problems

    Hello.   I HAD a male and female betta in the same tank (2ft tank) together, then was warned to keep them separate. I went to inspect the tank, do a water change and to figure out a plan. They were right in the middle of spawning!!!   She was dropping so many eggs, he was scooping them up and...
  7. FungusTrooper

    Jew's Nest

    I just wanted to share that Jew, my 2-ish month old betta (well, that's how long I've owned him, and he was pretty small upon purchase) was just caught red-handed in the middle of building a nest.     Here's a YouTube video of him caught in action. We don't own any female betta (yet), so for...