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broken tank

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  1. bettafishlover86

    Help! Male betta chasing neon tetras!

    I had a male betta fish and 2 neon tetras in a 5-gallon aquarium. The aquarium cracked, so I drove to the pet store and got a 3.5 gallon. My betta never bothered the neon tetras before but now he is chasing them. What should I do?
  2. bettafishlover86

    Broken fish tank need help ASAP!!!

    Hi, just a few months ago I got a top fin 5-gallon aquarium for my pet betta fish. Today, I got a crack in the bottom and had to put my betta fish, otocinclus cat, two neon tetras, and two ghost shrimp in a 3.5-gallon tank. On Christmas, I am getting a 29-gallon fish tank. WIll my fish make it...
  3. B

    Broken tank!

    Had a bit of a disaster moving home, on placing the tank in its new position it cracked while full and I had to quickly drain the tank, luckily there were no fish but loads a lot of plants! I’ve attached an image and just wanted to ask is this tank a write off or can I fix the crack in the...