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  1. N

    Staurogyne Repens

    Trimmed up some Staurogyne stems today and this is what I have left over after planting my 2 tanks, rather it went to someone than get wasted! Theres a good sized portion, around a handful. Nice easy plant to grow and looks great too     Age and condition: Good condition, trimmed off from nice...
  2. N

    Kribensis Fry

    Hi guys having a clearout of my Krib fry, I have around 15 at around an inch or so and about 70 at 2 weeks old and growing fast.   Need to go to make way for malawis now that the mother jumped out the tank like a kamakazi       Livestock: Kribensis Fry Quantity for sale: 70+ Reason for Sale...
  3. Livewire88

    Fluval Roma 200

    Equipment make-model-size; Fluval Roma 200 tank, cabinet and lighting Age and condition: 2 years old, good condition with no visable scratches, cabinet in good condition also, rear hood flap has been cut to fit filter pipes. Lighting unit and 2 almost new bulbs included. Reason for Sale...
  4. Livewire88

    Amazon Frogbit

    Plants: Amazon Frogbit  Quantity for sale: Lots   Delivery or Collection: Both Sales price: Depends how much you want, I can do 2 x £5 portions or all of it for a £10 Postage & Packaging: £1.50 Location: Bristol Photograph: Freshly removed from tank today;    All negotiations and questions must...
  5. Livewire88

    Amazon Frogbit

    Plants: Amazon Frogbit Quantity for sale: 3 lots (I will send 10+ plants with each order) Delivery or Collection: Either Sales price: £5 Postage & Packaging: Included in price Location: Bristol UK Photograph: I am sure you all know what this plant looks like, if not google is your friend. All...