bristlenose plecs

  1. LuluH

    adding aeration to tropical 200 litre tank

    please advise - I've had this size for 6 months, upsized after 3 years with 80 litre, so naturally, i bought a few more tank mates from sociable categories at local aquarium shops in UK. sadly i lost 2 baby plecs and 3 corydoras (albino, one young, two from the previous tank ) all around xmas...
  2. RCA

    Super Red Bristlenose Plecostomus Although posted elsewhere, as we have a dedicated area, I thought I would share for your viewing on how to improve my videos are welcomed as still early days.
  3. Alm0stAwesome

    The Angel Isles: Planted Community Tank

    I figure I'll start a thread to chart the progress of this recently set up tank. This won't just be about plants but about my fish as well and I like to post lots of pictures   This first post will be fairly long as I'd like to go a little into the set up of the tank as well as how it is now...