bristlenose breeding eggs

  1. S

    Bristlenose pleco guarding eggs??

    Hi, I recently got a male albino bristlenose pleco, unknown to me at the time because I’m only a year into fish keeping… I must’ve had all female bristlenoses in my tank already when I got him because none of the other have spikes even half as big as his… Anyway, since he has been in the tank...
  2. 3

    Pleco kicking out eggs

    Just came home and found eggs but saw them across the tank floor. It is my first time breeding bristlenose I only moved the male in yesterday. Should I do anything? There is two female and a male.
  3. 3

    Breeding Bristlenose

    I am wanting to breed some Bn. I already have a male who is ready to breed I think. I’ve got a 80l (20g) High and a 10 gallon (50l). Both tanks have already got fish and are matured and cycled. Do you think I could keep the parents in the 20 and let the fry grow out In the 10? I will need to ask...
  4. L

    Bristle nose plec fish eggs

    I seem to have found some fish eggs, now i think they may be the bristlenose plec eggs as he has been hiding in a house for a while, my other catfish managed to turn the tank upside down, so i was just rearranging the tank back to the way it was and there were eggs on the bottom of the tank near...
  5. Bomb Lobster

    Baby Bristlenose Plecos with Redtails and Gouramis

    The other day , i spotted a baby bristlenose pleco in my tank (65 G). I have 2 bristlenoses, one is a male and one a female. My worry is that I have 3 red taled sharks and 4 gouramis. I also have some oher fish but from what I know, they're harmless. I need to now if the shars or gouramis will...
  6. cjb140

    How Long Will Bn Carry Eggs?

    how long will a bristlenose carry her eggs for before she goes lays them?