breeding ram cichlids

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  1. Dominus_XVIII

    My Blue Ram (Mikrogeophagus.ramirezi) Breeding Log

    Hi everyone, Took some time off, as the past couple years haven't been too good for me. Personal stuff aside - Monday - July.26th,2016 (10:20pm) Brought this lil guy home yesterday (around 8:00pm) and acclimated him to my 20 gallon breeder (which is currently housing my female blue ram and...
  2. J

    My Ram Cichlids Laid Eggs?!?

      I have four (what I THOUGHT were male) ram cichlids in a tank, along with a neon tetra and a plecostomus. There's nothing else in the tank except snails (and I KNOW what snail eggs look like). I just saw today that the back of my small piece of driftwood is covered in eggs! I thought ram...